Yoga Studio 90 is a Virtual Online Subscription Platform. This is how it works, and this is how to cancel! If you sign up on the first of the month, your monthly subscription (Plan) will automatically Renew (Billed again) on the first of the following month. Exact Same Process for Annual subscriptions. If you buy the annual subscription On June 1, 2020, on June 1, of 2021 you will be billed again for another year.

IF YOU CHOOSE TO CANCEL YOU CAN, HERE IS HOW TO CANCEL. Login to your account and go through the following steps. Dashboard > Billing > Change plan > Cancel membership. Customers can cancel at anytime during their month and not be automatically renewed. So yes, You can purchase today and then cancel today if you want to only buy and be billed for one month, same for annual membership! IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE!