Happy Sunday,
It’s been a little while since my last post because it’s been crazy Busy ~ good kind of busy lately. Not to mention I ve had the incredible honor to represent, American Cancer Society’s Best Dressed of Baton Rouge. Now, if you know me I am surely not Best Dressed especially during the hours of 7:30 am – 4:30 pm. Haha
Nevertheless, what an honor and privilege to be mentioned with an amazing group of women and men of Baton Rouge.  I am a believer that everything has purpose and happens ON purpose. This being said the timing of this was no accident.
Y all, when I received the news of “best dressed” I was floored and excited but also a tad, teensy, weensy bit stressed….. Then, my dearest, darling, she is the one and only ~ “TanBus” our loving instructor, Tanie, learned she had breast cancer. Ugghhhh…
We, our family of instructors believe she will not only beat this she’s going to kick its REAR END!
So, our honorary guest at our
Best Dressed event was our sister from above, #yogafamily is Tanie. She is teaching us MANY lessons about what it really means to be tough, do things when you may not feel like it, show up when you don’t feel like yourself and most importantly our feelings don’t define us. Feelings are temporary….we evolve, heal and hold others hands along the way.
If you have never heard of American Cancer Society, now you have! ?
In case you aren’t aware, Cancer doesn’t discriminate and effects us all. Check out the local website, stay tuned so you may save the date for next year’s incredible event you don’t want to miss and see how you may be apart of the fight against Cancer!
Yes, sometimes we get out of our yoga attire, dress up and kick it up every now and then!!