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Who here has done it? Have you pulled that summer wardrobe out (including that swimsuit) and thought: Is it already that time?

But don’t worry, friends, we have heard you loud and clear! 

We know just what you need to jumpstart your weight loss, so that you can be ready to step out on that pool deck as soon as it opens. 

Yoga Studio 90 has a premiere “All You Can Burn Challenge.” 

How can you join? Easy! All you need is to opt in for our virtual program!

What do you get with this plan?  

  • All access to our routines …..
  • Special program for fat burn.
  • Trackers to measure your progress. 
  • Access to a special group where you can meet amazing people who want to burn, just like you!
  • Meal plan 
  • With a lot of inspiration in between 

Come see why Yoga Studio 90 is “Not Your Mamma’s Yoga!” 

We want to give you a sneak peak of our amazing community. Warning! You won’t want to ever leave!  

Ready? Set, BURN!

Members Price: Included in your membership

New Members: Virtual membership price $39 monthly | Live in Studio price $

Journey to 100:

Attend 100 Classes June 1st – September 28th and you’ll be AMAZED at the physical and mental benefits you’ll experience along the journey.  Routine changes weekly, targeting all muscle groups and you never get bored! This challenge is broken down into 4 quarters to keep you engaged and celebrate the 25 class accomplishments following each quarter (prizes to be won!). If you don’t attend 25 classes in each quarter ~ no small prize is won but you still remain in the challenge to win the Grand Prize by attending a total of 100 classes by September 28th.

Let’s get your game plan going and Save The Date ~ September 28th, we will honor all winners!

*Contact our Members Services team today to learn more and sign up! 225-771-8175
*Cannot attend more than 2 classes per day.


40 Day Shred:

New to Yoga and excited to dive in? This CHALLENGE is for YOU!

This challenge is designed for new clients. This package is $139.00 and begins with a private meeting/assessment with our Member Services Coordinators. We also provide goal setting, action plan creation, measurements and before / after photos

*Cannot attend more than 2 classes per day.