Y’all, when I was little, I didn’t want to be HOT (sounds crazy I know).  I was allergic to everything, heat only made it worse, and I didn’t want to sparkle. Haha!

My Mamma intentionally went to step aerobics after work and would often drag me along. She would ask me to do the class with her and sometimes I’d jump in for a second; however, after stumbling over the “step” and getting hot, I was done. I much preferred to run up and down the halls of the big Continuing Ed building at SLU and chit chat.
Now, as a Mamma of two little girls and a few years under my belt, I see so clearly that she chose to work on her own strength, clarity, and sanity in that ONE hour. (Let me add she was good at it too, just saying.)
At that time in her life, in her early thirties, she was trying to find balance – as a working mother, wife, and daughter facing the ugly reality of her young Daddy losing his battle to colon cancer. Just when many things were unraveling, she chose to slow down for one hour to care for herself.
I’m not sure she understood at the time that although I chose not to participate or would beg her to skip class and come home early, (haha) she was planting a seed into me.
Our kids are watching. Our little sponges are soaking it all in.
Bring your daughter or son the week of Mother’s Day (or any day of course)!
Commit to this week with your little sponge and they’ll see you choose to strengthen YOU, so that you can give them all of You. They may also fall head over heels for yoga as you have. This I do know and hope it brings peace and hope to you as we’re ALL a work in progress: “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind” ~ Romans 12:2