Do you feel like you’ve tried all the exercises classes out there? But you still haven’t found one that fits? You’ve tagged along with friends to yoga in Baton Rouge, also pilates and kickboxing. You even went once to that intense place with the ropes and weights. But nothing’s stuck. You thought yoga was too slow, pilates was too predictable, and kickboxing just… didn’t feel like you. Are you worried you’re doomed to a lifetime of treadmills? Before you throw in your sweat-wicking towel—look into yoga! 


For long-term commitment to exercise, it’s so crucial that you actually LIKE what you’re doing. Studies even show that enjoying your workout is the best motivation. Satisfaction is something we keep in mind here at Yoga Studio 90. Yogaisn’t just an exercise class—we’re a community. Our mission is to create a culture that encourages you and meets you where you are. Get inspired, reach for excellence, and believe in what you can’t see with our coaching and motivating. 

Here’s what some of our community on Facebook have said about their experiences:

  • “I cannot say enough good things about Yoga Studio 90! From the moment you walk in, they make you feel welcome and comfortable! It is an awesome workout, and the entire team is amazing! Such an incredible asset to the BR community!”
  • “This placed has seriously changed me! I love waking up and going straight there! It’s by far the best workout I’ve ever done physically and mentally. I leave every day in the best mood! It’s very challenging, but each day I’m gaining strength and flexibility! I will be attending Yogauntil I’m an old lady!”
  • “Love this workout! I have finally found something I can stick to and even look forward to going to. It kicks my butt every time, but I still really enjoy it. The instructors are all wonderful!”

It’s great to hear that people love it, but what exactly IS it? Yoga blends yoga, pilates, and calisthenics to create a detoxifying, full-body workout. It’s designed to challenge and take care of your body while sweating off your daily stress. During one of our 60-minute classes, you’ll stretch, move, and push yourself. It’s our goal to help you achieve maximum mental and physical strength. Challengesevents, and specials throughout the year just add to the fun. Think it’s right for you? Take our quiz and explore our frequently asked questions to learn even more. Then it’s your move! Check out our class schedule and plan when you can come in and join your new community. We can’t wait to welcome you!