Baton Rouge’s Best Yoga Community

Our mission is to create a loving yoga community for “every body” regardless of our differences or limitations. We truly cater to all levels and types of practitioners.
We love our community and look forward to seeing you!


Yoga Studio 90 offers Baton Rouge residents a unique yoga experience that will melt their worries away!
There is no better time to start than today! You’re never to old or young to add this amazing practice to your life. Yoga is a series of movements derived from these different styles to give a complete cardiovascular, strength, stretching and balancing workout.
All you need is an open mind a yoga mat and water!


You will experience numerous benefits once you start practicing: stress relief, increase in core strength, and a longer and leaner body. Just to name a few! You can easily burn up to 700 calories in one class!


You never know who might be on a mat next to you! It isn’t uncommon for our studio to be filled with members ranging from 12 years to 78 years old. Our members are from all ages, lifestyles and shapes. We have high school, college and professional athletes, car–pool Moms, and workaholic Dads!


You’ll want to bring a Yoga mat, water bottle, towel and an open mind! Dress in something you feel good in and will be comfortable moving the body in many different positions.


What To Expect At Your First Yoga Class?

The beauty of yoga is that you don’t have to be a yogi or yogini to reap the benefits. Whether you are young or old, overweight or fit, yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body.

Often times, people think they need to get in shape first before trying Yoga. This is not true! Everyone starts from the beginning no matter what shape you’re in.

We never truly master this; the body will always continue to challenge us.

Can’t Make The Class? We Have Yoga On Demand!

Now, these exclusive workouts are available through this Online Virtual Subscription Platform for you! 

Yoga Studio 90 (YS90) is a health and wellness studio offering high intensity, interval training, yoga, Pilates and more in ONE complete full body workout. For the last 10 years Owner, April Hill and her Instructors have taught thousands of classes at their physical location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Get everything your body needs!


April Hill

A small-town girl, April Hill always dreamed of opening her own business. That dream was realized when she opened Yoga Studio 90 in October, 2010. April’s passion and practice of Yoga became her dream job as she and her husband Roy opened the location only 11 weeks after the birth of her second child. April’s faith, values, outgoing personality, genuine approach, background in aesthetics, and appreciation for the human body, mind, and spirit are what separates Yoga Studio 90 from all other fitness venues.

Community advocate and people lover, April is passionate about many things. It is easy to see her love and appreciation for her city, state, and all things southern. April promotes and designs custom classes and events to give back to the community. These specialized classes have been hosted at her own studio as well as locations within the community. This outreach has increased awareness and raised money for the following organizations: The Bella Bowman Foundation, Gateway Horsemanship Therapy, The Corey Webster Foundation, The St. Lillian Foundation, Thrive, HP Serve, Hope House, and Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center at Our Lady of the Lake.

April is proud to be involved in the community and has been recently recognized for her community contributions. Some of those recent acknowledgements include 2014 Baton Rouge’s Business Report Top 40 under 40 and 2016 American Cancer Society Baton Rouge’s Best Dressed. April is also frequently asked to speak at events around Baton Rouge, and is a regular presenter at PROPEL Women Baton Rouge.

April’s career highlights have been many but she has a special spot in her heart for teaching and influencing the younger generations the value in starting your healthy lifestyle journey early. She was a high school athlete and enjoys sharing her passion of Yoga to many cheer and athletic programs in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. April states, “Watching high school and professional athletes participate in our program and achieve success in their chosen fields is very fulfilling. Watching one local high school team that is committed to our program win a state championship was definitely a highlight of my career so far.”