5 Things to Know Before Your First Hot Yoga Class

Do you remember your very first class experience with us? 

I’ll never forget my first hot yoga class experience – it was January, 2002. I was a new bride and heard about a hot yoga place, no music. The teaching guy was strict and instructed people to get into poses that left them raving about how good they felt and looked. 

After hearing this from a few people consistently and noticing how good they did look and it was  obvious they felt good too. I was willing to try it. 

I bounced in there and what they had told me was accurate.  It was a small warehouse that most people used for storage. Nothing fancy. Small and simple. I found this to be refreshing in a way. No music and no big signs or distractions. Only people and their yoga mat and it was HOT!  Y’all… I didn’t even bring a water bottle. 

I lasted 20 minutes and had to walk out and, yep… I lost my lunch. I remember sitting in the parking lot cooling off and thinking, “I’m going back in!”  

I paced myself and didn’t try to do every rep. I finished. I was hooked.  

I’m going to share with you what I WISH someone had shared to prepare me back then, so you can be more ready for your first hot yoga class than I was!

Not everyone finds it easy to bounce in and try something new. It’s intimidating. When I first started hot yoga, I learned a lot the hard way. That’s why I want people to feel confident and prepared when they arrive at our studio. I want you to feel your absolute best here, whether it’s your first time or your 50th at Yoga Studio 90, and we want you to keep coming back! So let’s go…

Here are 5 things to know before your first hot yoga class at Yoga Studio 90:
  1. Make a plan: Identify 3 class times / 3  days you are going to show up within the next 5 days to the studio. Don’t cancel on you!  Trust me there is a purpose to this. 
  2. Comfort is key: Don’t overthink it – just wear something that is comfortable and you feel good in. The important thing is that it’s something you can move around in with ease. And don’t worry about shoes – we practice barefoot!
  3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: Drink lots of water the day before you attend. Make sure you are well nourished and hydrated. This is not the time to kick back a pitcher of margaritas and enchiladas the night before you attend a hot yoga class! You can even plan to eat something light before attending. Examples: small yogurt, handful of grapes or almonds. Don’t forget to bring your water, yoga mat, and a towl – you WILL sweat!
  4. Arrive to class a few minutes early: You are starting something new. You are investing in you. Don’t be late on you! Introduce yourself to the teacher and let them know you’re new, any physical ailments, injuries, or limitations you may have, and what’s important to you – our instructors are so helpful and always willing to meet you where you are by helping you adjust or ease into poses.
  5. Leave all expectations in the parking lot: Let go of any pressures you’re possibly placing on yourself or the class experience. We call yoga a PRACTICE because it’s something we never master – everyone is evolving and learning in some way at all times. So walk in with an open mind and start YOUR practice – you won’t regret it!

Now you are ready to go! If you’re new to Yoga Studio 90, don’t miss our Introductory Offer of 3 Classes for $59! Just click here to redeem. Still nervous? Drop us a text and let us know you’re coming for the first time – we’ll be looking for you! 225-777-6908

New to 90?

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